The Gamification Of Web Governance For International Brands

The Gamification Of Web Governance For International Brands Gavin Colborne, MD of Little Forest, discusses the Gamification of Web Governance for International Brands. 15th September 2017 - Brighton SEO (00:28) What is web governance and why is it something that needs to be talked [...]

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Adobe Analytics

Little Forest Index - Making Analytics Accessible Little Forest index (LFi) is all about ease. It’s a platform which allows you to customise enterprise integrations to make digital performance monitoring simple. Understanding the health of your website shouldn’t be difficult. We don’t believe in juggling platforms and spreadsheets instead we let LFi take [...]

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Google Analytics Integration

No more log in, log out. Make Little Forest your only Web Governance platform! Little Forest index (LFi) understands that monitoring Web Governance is different for every company, which is why we focus on building custom enterprise integrations based on your needs. That being said, with Google Analytics (GA) being one of the [...]

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Revenue Reporting

Rest Easy with LFi Revenue Reporting Here at Little Forest we understand that Revenue Reporting can be incredibly complex but it doesn’t have to be. With our new Revenue Reporting feature you can easily understand your figures and share success across teams and product lines. Revenue reporting helps in many ways beyond analysing financial [...]

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Qualtrics Integration

Qualtrics – New Enterprise Integration We are happy to announce that LFi is now successfully integrated with Qualtrics for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and our users are loving it! With Qualtrics steadily becoming one of the most popular online survey collaboration platforms, we weren’t surprised when we were asked by our clients to introduce [...]

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Little Forest take a peek at GDPR

Little Forest take a peek at GDPR With May 2018 quickly approaching we wanted to see exactly how GDPR is going to affect not only us but our clients too. GDPR will give customers the genuine ability to choose and control how organisations use their data, making processing transparent and accountable. It’s not just [...]

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Eversheds International Platform Launch

Little Forest are delighted to announce the highly successful launch of the new Eversheds web platform. The new platform boasts the latest software from HP Autonomy and supports over 30 countries globally. Eversheds partnered with Little Forest in October 2012 to modernise and re-launch their prime web property eversheds.com The project ran for 3 months [...]

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Tesco Baby Club Launch!

  Little Forest are delighted to announce the hugely successful launch of the new Tesco Baby Club website running on HP Autonomy LiveSite. The project has been delivered precisely on time, in scope and in budget from our original promise to Tesco. We are immensely proud of the entire team across Tesco, Forward Group and Little Forest. The project [...]

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British Airways Launch!

  Little Forest is very proud to announce the successful launch of ba.com onto the Autonomy LiveSite Platform. The pilot site is the Las Vegas microsite which can be viewed here. Little Forest have been working closely with British Airways since the start of the project. We have provided guidance on the high level design [...]

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