ChatGPT – AI Field for Content Monitoring

9 January 2024
by Billy Czajkowska


With the endless possibilities of AI machine learning, Little Forest are now using ChatGPT to help clients get a deeper snapshot of each site in their web estate. With many organisations having hundreds if not thousands of sites in their web estates, understanding the content, compliance and quality for each is an incredibly laborious task. By automating specific questions, users now have the opportunity drill down and collect this vital data and eliminate knowledge gaps. See what the ChatGPT – AI Field can do for you.

How it works

The process is simple all you need to do is open up your domain registry report which displays all your sites and then decide on the questions you would like answered. Example questions:

  1. What languages are present on the site?
  2. What phone numbers are on the page?
  3. What is the the readability?
  4. Is this content on brand?
  5. Is there offensive content?
  6. Can you provide a summary of the page?
  7. What is the tone of voice?
  8. Is there healthcare related content?

Revising Prompts

Before running a search it is important to think about your question to create the most accurate prompt possible. By asking vague questions ChatGPT you may not get the desired results. By being specific and limiting the answering parameters to something manageable on mass the output will be of a higher quality. Here are some examples:

  1. Is there content that can be viewed as offensive, yes or no?
  2. In one short sentence summarise this page for me
  3. Provide the answer in numbers, what is the reading age of this page?
  4. In one short sentence describe the tone of voice of this site
  5. Does the page meet our uploaded brand guideline tone of voice?

Running a Search

With the correct prompt ready all thats needed to run a search is to create a column in the table and include the question you would like ChatGPT.

The Results

The results speak for themselves, being able to analyse and categorise sites based on instant reporting opens the door for; structured prioritisation, alerting of offensive content and the ability to share the information with key stake holders across the business.

Reading Age

Page Summary

Tone of Voice

Offensive Content

Benefits to using Ask ChatGPT

  1. Save time 
  2. Save resources / money
  3. See the bigger picture
  4. Explore new avenues of content management
  5. Avoid brand challenges
  6. Meet compliance

Want to explore the possibilities of the Little Forest ChatGPT – AI Field for your own Web Estate?

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