Accessibility Workshops


Get the whole team trained and ready to tackle accessibility with Little Forest workshops. Accessibility isn’t a quick fix, digital teams need everyone onboard in order to succeed. Which is why alongside our accessibility automated reporting we offer full stack accessibility training at all technical levels, tailored to examine and tackle real time examples of errors on your site. Give your team the tools to meet WCAG compliance and make accessibility accessible to your organisation.

Accessibility Workshops 

Accessibility is not just a job for content editors, it needs the buy in from designers, developers, in fact the whole digital team has their role to play which is why we offer both general introductory workshops alongside targeted specialised accessibility training. All workshops are customised to your organisation and will look directly at your sites data. We recommend a top down analysis which will inform on the overall state of compliance, bringing crucial attention to key stakeholders and then workshops to start tackling the key pain points. Create accessibility advocates who will become the driving force for compliance within your organisation.

Accessibility Workshops for Everyone

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Accessibility for Mobile Apps
  • WCAG 2.2 the New Guidelines
  • How to test your website using Screen Readers

Accessibility Workshops for Content Editors

  • Writing Good ALT Texts
  • Getting Colour Contrast Right
  • Making PDFs Accessible
  • Making Word, PowerPoint and Excel Accessible
  • Sub-titling and Captions for Video
  • Accessibility Statement Writing Best Practices
  • Accessibility and International Law

Accessibility Workshops for Developers & Designers

  • Creating Good Web Page Structure
  • Page Reflow and Resizing
  • Colour Contrast and Brand Accessibility  
Users of Little Forest Icons e.g. Developers

Custom Workshops

Need something tailored? Work with our team at Little Forest to create custom workshops which cover multiple accessibility topics listed above or are completely custom to your organisation’s needs. Accessibility training done your way with Little Forest.

Need more help getting your organisation accessibility ready? Little Forests automated accessibility reporting helps you audit your site and monitor your compliance progress.

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