How it Works – The Little Forest Experience

How it Works

The Little Forest Experience

Getting your organisation signed up to a new platform can be a huge undertaking which is why we at Little Forest make sure you know ‘How it Works’. A smooth personalised onboarding service, where our Consultants and your dedicated Account Manager lead you though every step.


The Little Forest platform is a fully customisable experience which allows you and your team to optimise the reporting to your needs.

Onboarding Steps:

  1. Reports – Domain Discovery & Project Set-Up
  2. User & Notifications – Set-up Access for your Teams
  3. Training – Live Tutorials for all Users (including top-up training sessions)
  4. Support – Dedicated Account Manager with Regular Meetings

1. Your Reports

We will start by performing a Domain Audit to help find all of the websites owned by your organisation. These are then uploaded to create a Web Registry where you can assign web owners and manage your sites over time.

Domain Discovery Screenshot

Now that you have a Web Registry we work with you to separate your key sites into projects. Projects can be set-up as individual sites or include multiple sites which can be benchmarked against each other.

We can also set-up any test sites or help your teams to whitelist our crawlers at this stage to ensure seamless crawling.
Your reports are now ready to run, we recommend scheduling these to run weekly though you can also run daily, monthly and on demand. 

2. Users & Notifications 

Now that you are happy with your reports it’s time to get your users added. Little Forest offer unlimited users with our licences as we believe that the only way to make real change to your sites is to have everyone on board. We will work with you to set-up all your users with the appropriate access level whether that’s User access to a single site, User Access to multiple Projects or Admin access across the whole platform.

User Management Screenshot

Each user will get an email to set-up their password and then they are ready to go in and explore the results. 

Notifications are emailed across each time your reports are run helping keep users updated and prompting them to resolve any new challenges that may have arisen. 

As a Saas provider our software is fully web based and does not require any special access. We use crawling software the same as the ones used by search engines and your users. 

There is also an additional option to set-up single sign-on (SSO) access, if this is something you would like included.

3. Training

Little Forest offers unlimited online training with our licences meaning you and your users can stay up to date with the latest platform updates, changes to legislation, Web Accessibility guidelines and SEO best practices.

When you first join we recommend setting up a couple of group training sessions to get everyone onboard and give users the skills to optimise their time whilst getting the most from the platform. 

After that just let us know when new members join or you would like to set-up a refresher session and we will get this booked in for you. 

We also send out newsletters with the latest tips and tricks showcasing handy features or the latest updates. 

Newsletter Screenshot

Want more tailored training? We also provide a variety of Workshops for Web Accessibility. Contact us to learn more.

4. Support

Little Forest is always on hand to offer the support you need. Alongside having a dedicated Account Manager you can contact the support team at any time. Whether it’s setting up new users or sites, a challenge with one of the reports or a customisation you are keen to discuss, we are here to help. 

Alongside email updates on the status of your request your Account Manager will also give you updates on a monthly catch-up call and discuss any new questions or queries you may have. 

There is nothing you can break, so don’t be afraid to poke around and start using your reports. 

Your platform, our support together we can make your digital quality and accessibility goals a reality. 

That’s How it Works! Speak to a Consultant today and see how we can support you and your team.