Manual Accessibility Testing


Accessibility compliance is incredibly important for every business with an online presence. For most WCAG AA compliance is already a legal requirement and for every organisation it is vital for inclusivity and market reach. Although we highly recommend automated reporting to help you get the breadth of your errors across a site, these reports can only currently pick up on 30-40% of errors and many tools won’t be able to test areas of your digital estate like Native Apps or PDF’s. So alongside automated reporting we also work with a number of expert Accessibility Consultants to offer a full range of manual testing options helping you ensure compliance. 

Expert Accessibility Consultants

Our Accessibility Consultants are specialists with over 10 years of experience in accessibility compliance. From websites and web-based applications to documents, they have worked with almost every sector and built up an incredible knowledge base. Working with a database of testing partners with disabilities including; blindness, deafness and dyslexia, our manual testing service gives you peace of mind that your website is fully compliant and inclusive. Alongside testing for basic guidelines like colour contrast and heading structures they will also look into functional accessibility like ARIA landmarks for screen readers and your user experience using assistive technologies.

Our Manual Accessibility Testing covers:

  • W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Level A, AA or AAA
  • USA Section 508
  • RNIB’s ‘See-it-right’ or ‘Surf-right’ guidelines

Web Based Testing

All websites are different which means manual testing is required to ensure every component, iframe, widget etc meets the required guidelines. Your organisation’s sites may be made up of hundreds or even thousands of pages, however it’s highly likely that they will mostly be based on a handful of templates. This is great news as it means you can identify these core templates for manual testing and they will identify most of the errors on your site, whilst minimising the expense. We would always recommend starting with the core pages which are vital to the user journey including any; forms, data tables, lists, maps, images, video’s etc. 

Native App Testing

Web based applications can be incredibly tricky as most are not supported by automated testing, therefore manual testing is mandatory. Our Consultants will review apps using both smartphones and tablets with the built-in (native) assistive features across the most common browsers and operating systems. The W3C details mobile specific challenges, including; touchscreens, small screen sizes, different input modalities, including speech and 3D touch enabled by pressure sensors and device settings, such as bright sunlight. Having expert knowledge of these challenges means you can get advice on how to resolve errors once they are flagged. 

PDF Testing

For many businesses PDFs are an essential part of their digital estate. If your organisation is creating standard PDFs using Adobe Acrobat or converting them from applications like Microsoft Office it’s possible that you may already be using their accessibility features, however like automated reporting there is only so far the tools can take you and manual testing is crucial to meeting compliance requirements. The tools provided can also be incredibly complicated to navigate for those who are not familiar with the W3C WCAG terminology. Our Consultants will look to review your existing and future PDF templates so that you can get compliant and have the tools to stay compliant moving forwards. 

How it works?

Step 1: Let’s jump on a call

Step 2: We will put together a proposal for you

Step 3: Manual testing is performed by our Consultants

Step 4: We provide you with an extensive report detailing everything we found with recommendations

Step 5: Optional: Once you have made the recommended changes you can request a second manual testing phase be performed, depending on your budget. 


If you are looking for full site compliance we would start by performing an audit of your website helping you to identify the minimum number of pages which we would recommend testing. We would then agree these with you including a proposed budget before starting the project. Alternatively, if you are looking for specific testing on a specified set of pages we would also be happy to put together a proposal for you.  

Manual Testing is £750 per day
On average we would estimate covering between 3 to 4 web pages/templates per day.

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