Sustainability Scoring For Websites

1 July 2022
by Billy Czajkowska

Little Forest MD Gavin Colborne collaborated with Janus Boye of Boye & Company in a webinar to discuss the growing need for websites to become more sustainable through digital sustainability.

“Similar to Google Lighthouse scores for accessibility, SEO and performance, the time has come to also be serious about sustainability as a digital leader.”

We at Little are currently developing a Digital Sustainability Score which will help web owners and content editors not only understand how to get their sites more sustainable but also teach them how to bring these core values into their new content and designs.

Why Digital Sustainability is Important

It may sound unbelievable but currently the internet is responsible for almost 4% of global carbon emissions. This is a problem that with growing access and consumption is only going to continue to rise, which is why it is so important for organisations to do their part to minimise unnecessary usage of poor quality and/or outdated content.

The Little Forest Solution

Little Forest understand that knowing where to begin is the first step which is why the score will help organisations find key areas that need work on through specific challenges found. These challenges can then be prioritised and tracked over time. Continuous monitoring is incredibly important as it will not only demonstrate progress but will keep organisations focused on their environmental impact.

What can I work on to make my site more sustainable?

  • Remove broken links
  • Optimise and reduce image file sizes
  • Remove auto-play from videos
  • Remove unnecessary content from pages
  • Improve performance and response times
  • Remove unnecessary pages from your sites
  • Remove unnecessary sites
  • Remove unused code & more…

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