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Organisations across the globe trust Little Forest to monitor the quality of their websites. Check out our Customer Success Stories

Accessibility Error dashboard open on a Laptop
Get accessible with Little Forest accessibility. Ensure your sites are working towards WCAG web accessibility best practices with easy to utilise automated reporting. Simple uniform usability and inclusive access for everyone. Get clean code across your web estate which gives the highest quality user experience and brand protection. Web accessibility isn’t just for people with disabilities, it is an initiative to improve the quality of the internet for every single user. Find out more
With over 10 years of experience in accessibility compliance our Accessibility Consultants are here for you. From websites and web-based applications to documents, they have worked with almost every sector and built up an incredible knowledge base, ready to tackle any challenge your organisation may have. Find out more
Full Accessibility Service
The Little Forest Full Accessibility Service, is the best way to ensure the highest level of compliance. Working with you through automated reporting, manual testing and training to help you, your team and key stakeholders feel confident in your websites ability to meet the needs of your users. Find out more
Accessibility Workshops
Get the whole team trained and ready to tackle accessibility with Little Forest accessibility workshops. Accessibility isn’t a quick fix, digital teams need everyone onboard in order to succeed. Which is why alongside our accessibility automated reporting we offer full stack accessibility training at all technical levels, tailored to examine and tackle real time examples of errors on your site. Give your team the tools to meet WCAG compliance and make accessibility accessible to your organisation. Find out more
Content Audit Issues to Fix Dashboard open on a Laptop
Feel confident in your content. Assess every; page, asset and domain in your web estate in a single, easy to manage report. Take control of your; Broken Links, Images, PDFs, Headings, Legacy Content and more. Quality assured content is the key asset to building brand trust with your online users. The Little Forest reports give you an instant understanding of where your site's digital quality stands and where you need to get to, we help you to prioritise and strategise. Beat the competition with quality content. Find out more
Domain Discovery dashboard open on a laptop
Your content is a direct representation of your organisation, so it is crucial you know exactly what you are presenting online. Most large organisations like; Universities and Multinationals can have dozens, even hundreds of websites that they are unaware of. Often these old websites are not compliant with brand, security and regulatory guidelines like privacy and accessibility. Take control of your full web estate and ensure your users get the experience you want from your websites. Find out more
Digital Quality index Score
Tracking your digital quality has never been easier. With Little Forest you configure a single score which shows you exactly where your digital quality stands and how it has improved over time. Get your team on the same page and demonstrate progress without having to manually analyse data and key performance indicators. Our smart reporting is always changing and evolving to include current industry standards to give you peace of mind and keep you ahead of the competition. Find out more
Web Scraper Dashboard open on a Laptop
Web scraping gives you the ability to perform precise, accurate data extraction across your site. It’s instant reporting means you can get the information you need, when you need it. With custom scraping you can look for any data type being tracked. Web scraping is vital for all digital teams from development & UX to marketing, it gives you the tools to plan, strategise and make the best decisions for your web estate. Eliminate data quality challenges and use faultless data to meet your business goals. Find out more
Spelling Tool
It’s more than just spelling it’s language. First impressions matter and we all know how bad it looks when a website is littered with misspelt words. Ensure your site is giving users the correct message so they can feel confident in not only your site but your brand too. Silly little mistakes may seem insignificant but can have a huge effect on the reader. Avoid any awkward mistypes by scanning all your text for typos, grammar problems and structural challenges. Find out more
Tag Audit Little Forest Graphic open on a Laptop
Get tag certainty with a full tag inventory of your website. Little Forest provides you with full visibility on which tags and technologies are on your websites and mobile apps. Remove unauthorised tags, get tag unification across all of your websites, improve performance and lower business costs by removing unnecessary tags. Having good tag hygiene across your site is hugely beneficial to both your users and your digital teams. Find out more
Uptime Graph open on a Tablet
Be the first to know when your website goes down with Little Forest uptime monitoring. Quick response times and website availability are both critical to good user experience. Uptime reporting helps you gain insight into your site's performance so that you can manage pain points and stay ahead of the competition. Find out more
Cookie Audit dashboard open on a laptop
Quickly assess your cookie compliance. Get all the information you need to improve both the security and performance of your site. Make sure your site meets GDPR, EPD and CCPA requirements and gain vital trust with your users. ePrivacy has never been more important. Keep ahead of your competitors and don’t allow unauthorised cookies affect your brand and user experience. Find out more
Little Forest Login Page on an Ipad
Having digital quality and accessibility tools like Little Forest is a great start but getting your users to utilise them is a challenge of its own. Single sign-on (SSO) access is key to getting user engagement from your organisation. Allow easy secure access so users can get the data they need easily and form quick digital quality habits with regular visits. Little Forest uses your existing SSO service lowering the number of vulnerabilities which occur with having multiple logins across different tools and websites. Make Little Forest a fundamental digital quality destination for your users. Find out more

Customer Success Stories

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MRM Germany

As a Global Digital Agency we work with lots of technology suppliers but Little Forest has to be a favourite – we love the tool & the service is unbeatable.

Hannes Waegner
Grouphead Content Operations / MRM Germany


Little Forest is an easy platform to use and understand. With regular reports hitting your inbox, you get a ranking on how your website is performing and how you can better optimise your website for a great experience and lead generation.

Xavier Hartstonge
Digital Communications Lead / Oxfam New Zealand


The reports make it easy and fun to benchmark the status of content quality across the sites. This is used in our monthly status meetings to discuss tasks that should be solved for the next meeting. Not only do Little Forest integrate several content quality tools in one solution. They are very open to suggestions for improvements and new features to the tool.

Tor André Wigmostad
Digital Manager / Azets
UEL Logo

University of East London (UEL)

Little Forest are my go-to technical advisors. I trust them implicitly and have enjoyed working with them enormously. The team is motivated, bright, and incredibly capable. Just when I think something is impossible, they manage to find a way of making it work. How they do that is something I will never understand!

Fiona Harrison
civicconnect logo


The best part of using Little Forest is the extra service of the team members who went above and beyond the needs of our project.

Tiina Vuorenmaa
Senior UX/UI Designer / CivicConnect
middlesex university

Middlesex University

Little Forest helped us shape and establish a robust programme of continuous improvement. We’ve even been told that our work in collecting third-party system accessibility statements is sector-leading, and we’d never have done it without Little Forest.

Swéta Rana

University of Sunderland

The tools and features available within LittleForest – offer excellent value. Using these tools gives us the information we need to work through issues and errors in order to improve the experience for all our website visitors.

Dean Hale
Web Development Manager / University of Sunderland
EDINBURGH University Logo

University of Edinburgh

Little Forest’s proactive, can-do approach has been an enormous help, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Jonathan Trout
Head of Web Strategy / University of Edinburgh

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