Email Addresses Affecting Digital Governance?

23 March 2021
by Billy Czajkowska

Content Governance is quickly becoming the number one pain point for all Digital Teams.
It will come as no surprise that your site is littered with all types of legacy content.
But a vastly overlooked area are the pesky email addresses we leave for our users.
“What’s the problem? Surely, having lots of contact points is useful?” – WRONG

The Evolution of Bad Email Governance

Spelling Slips

[email protected]
Looks here like John Grey mistyped uj instead of uk.  Spelling mistakes are easy to make and are not usually too detrimental to your UX. However, spelling mistakes in your email address means that a potential lead, customer or user could be lost.

Sneaky Stops

[email protected].
Great! John has fixed the spelling but he has now added a full stop at the end. Generally, you should avoid this as it means users clicking on the link will be emailing another incorrect email address.

Name Changes

[email protected]
This may look like a good email address. However, this time John is getting married and has decided to change his last name to Green. Congratulations John Green! He changed his email address and forgotten to update the site. He has also forgotten to create an out of office, so users emailing john.grey won’t get a response.

Department Hopper

[email protected]
Another example of an email which looks good to the user.  But this time John has been promoted and moved to another department. He will still get the emails, however isn’t the person the users want to be emailing anymore.

Lazy Leaver

[email protected]
Sadly John is no longer working for Little Forest. His email is still on the site but yet again he hasn’t set-up an out of office with an email to redirect users. Nobody is looking at his emails so all those juicy leads are being completely ignored. This time it’s Little Forest who are slacking and need to remove his email from the site… Ooops!

With Content Creators and Writers constantly adding to and updating the site it can be difficult to keep on top of tasks like these email addresses. Having a Governance tool like Little Forest can help you locate, update and monitor even the smallest of digital governance tasks.

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