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Digital Success Management for Global Brands

The Little Forest index (LFi) gives you the tools to achieve digital success. Our LFi platform provides high level customised Web Governance reports which allow for lightning speed comparisons across all your multi-national websites. These reports help support you on both site improvements and maximising positive trends.

Website Governance


Governance across your whole site with one easy to use platform. Unlock insights through web governance, your website holds the key to digital success.

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Multi-Nationals Reporting Dashboard

Multi-National Dashboards

LFi’s Digital Reporting Dashboards allow you to spot trends in seconds. Customised by your business needs, you choose what’s important and how our Web Governance platform works for you.

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Digital Marketing Score

Success Score

A unique adaptable Web Governance calculator which generates one single score across all of your data points. Monitoring made easy. Monitoring made easy.

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Digital Success Spider Diagram

The Little Forest Web Governance Solution

LFi is built from the ground up to help Global teams manage international website governance and reporting.

It combines data from multiple sources into one single dashboard.

Areas covered by LFi in a single dashboard include and are tailored to meet your exact needs:

  • Content Strategy – Content audits, SEO, PPC and Social insights

  • Voice of the customer – feedback from your customer such as Net Promoter Score

  • Analytics – for example Visitor experience, Conversion rates, Attribution

  • Security – Threats to the web environment such as vulnerabilities and malware

  • Technical aspects of the web environment – Availability, Response times and Best practices.

Our LFi platform provides high level reports that allow lightning quick comparisons of country’s websites to help spot area’s of improvement and also areas of expertise.

Our features enable and encourage the sharing of best practices across your Global Team.

Often what works and generates business success in one region should be tried in others.

Is your website performing better this week, compared to last?

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Little Forest index (LFi) Support

Our support team is available on the phone, via screenshare and email to help users with questions, issues and training in our platform. No problem is too small.

We offer unlimited support included with our annual licence fee and provide online self-access to training for users in all the core aspects of using our software.

In addition we can provide a certification based on users meeting certain levels of knowledge with the platform. This can be defined with our services team to detail the requirements for the certification.

We provide a monthly Service Review with key stakeholders and discuss roadmap, actions and any questions that have arisen in the previous weeks.

Specially crafted reports & tools to help you manage and grow your business

Content Audit

Content Audits

As LFi automates the audit of your website, it hugely speeds up the process of gathering the information you need.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Our LFi platform monitors and reports on the performance and usability of your website by paying close attention to what your users are doing.

CMS Governance Workflow

CMS Governance Workflow

LFi Web Governance service runs inside your CMS to ensure all your checks & balances are complied with before your pages are sent to your live server.

We can also help with

Digital Score

LFI Marketing Score

LFi helps you to take control of your site. The sophisticated reporting allows you to customise the reports with your chosen data points.

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We all know how bad it looks when a website is littered with misspelt words. Spell Check helps you spot these errors automatically.

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LFi Accessibility tool gives you instant reports on how your pages perform against all major standards including WCAG 1.0, 2.0, etc.

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Uptime Monitoring

LFi will send you immediate alerts letting you know if your site has gone down, so you can get back online before anyone notices.

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Who We Are

Little Forest is a Web Governance Service dedicated to helping our customers achieve success through continual improvement to their websites.

We work with brands who have Global Web Platforms across many countries, using multiple languages and multiple devices.

Little Forest is a friendly, talented and skilled team of web professionals who can support you and your company with all your web needs.

How we help

We help our customers to maintain world class web experiences for their customers.

Our mission is to work on the world’s best web platforms and make them even better.

Our people are friendly, creative, professionals with a customer centered approach to crafting technology.

We help to govern some of the most visited and crucial websites in the world and we love it!

Success Stories

Since 2007 we have worked with businesses across the world to help them become more successful online.

Click here to view some of our success stories.

Who LFi helps

Senior Management

  • Central Reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Task Planning

Marketing People

  • Keyword Tracking
  • Opportunity
  • Competition

Content Editors

  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Proofreading
  • Audits

Data Analysts

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Task Planning
  • Pay Per Click
  • Analytics


  • Performance
  • Alerts

What our users are saying

“Well this is pretty impressive from my quick initial dive in.
Very easy to navigate and crystal clear to understand”

“I can really see the value of this tool in helping us make easy changes that will improve our web effectiveness”

“That looks very good and it will be good fun to see the
LFi going up after we’ve taken care of some fixes”

“Thanks once again for introducing LFi,
I can see this being incredibly valuable”

“For our content management team, this is like gold dust!”