ERANGE error in iwtrace.log

10 December 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

Platform: Linux
TeamSite Version: 6.7.1
I was recently involved in a project where I was getting a constant error message appearing in my iwtrace.log (iw-home/local/logs).

GetGroups getgrent failed with errno=ERANGE

The error caused TeamSite not to start correctly.  I was looking up reasons and solutions for the error, and found the below;
TeamSite is reading over a 1000+ users and groups. Once a investigation was done on where this came from, it became apparent that the users and groups were for a requirement for a previous project.  Each time the server rebooted, the server would synchronise with the main server, so the configuration of 1000+ users and groups would continue to exist.
– Remove group and users’ db on the server, along with reference to the users and group db in the file nscd, located in the /etc directory in the parent directory.
– Also the removal of Server synchronization with users and groups from the main server.
Making these changes helped to resolve the issue, with error message not appearing again

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