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Accessibility for Digital Agencies

Accessibility has quickly become one of the fundamental website requirements which clients rely on their agencies to provide. In order to supply the highest level of coverage and accuracy, it is important to have a tool in which you can not only highlight accessibility challenges but also demonstrate the progress which has been made to meet accessibility standards. Giving clients piece of mind and saving you time.

Our Agency Accessibility Solution

Little Forest partner with Agencies of all sizes and locations to help improve the state of Accessibility for their clients. A total win-win-win.

We have a unique offering for Digital Agencies where we provide the underlying platform to analyse your clients websites for all the accessibility; errors, warnings and notices which are affecting their sites.

The gold standard for Accessibility is that you must do manual testing of your clients websites using screen-readers but this is a slow process. Automated testing is a huge help as it identifies around 25% of actual Accessibility issues and is required for any agency looking to invest in Accessibility at scale.

Using Little Forest as your standardised Automated Accessibility checking tool gives your team:

  • A repeatable process to achieve monitoring across all of your clients websites

  • Accurate insights according to all International standards such as WCAG and Section 508

  • The ability to instantly identify the easiest and quickest development tasks to improve your clients websites using our error categorisation reports

Accessibility Dashboard Rolled Up View

Partnering with Agencies to provide clients with a complete and automated Accessibility solution. They become compliant and you gain the ability to support a larger portion of the market. Simple.


On Page Accessibility Screen Reader
  • Show your Clients your commitment to helping them become more Accessible

  • Increase your revenue by identifying new projects and client needs

  • Gain control of all your websites governance under one quality report


  • Complete solution to analyse your clients websites for Accessibility

  • Entirely whitelabelled to run as your own brand and platform

  • Easily share tailored reports with your clients to show status and progress

  • Errors are displayed as an overlay on the web page with the exact line of code identified and remediation suggestions

  • Monitor all sites including behind logins and firewalls

Accessibility Graph

You can find a full list of Accessibility features here.

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