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Get WCAG Accessibility Compliant for September 2020

Are you experiencing digital dizziness? Get clarity with our all in one Site Checker for University Web Accessibility.

The complete Web Governance platform which allows you to monitor all your; Uptime, Broken Links, Accessibility, Content, SEO and much more, in one place.

You can also benchmark different sites or country site against each other to see which are performing best and why, helping you increase performance across all your sites.

LFi’s unique platform allows you to collaborate all your digital data into one easy to manage score. This way at a glance you can see if your site has improved at a glance and monitor progress over time.

Universities across the world are looking for new solutions to manage their web accessibility and we at Little Forest have created the perfect platform for those needs.
LFi gives you the tools to find accessibility issues and understand them in order to resolve them.

Do you need to ensure that your web pages are compliant with Web Accessibility best practices?
Our LFi Accessibility platform gives you instant reports on how your pages perform against all major standards including WCAG 1.0, 2.0, Section 508 and many more.

How does LFi work?


LFi allows you to add all the URL’s you want to monitor and with easy to follow dashboards you can see exactly how many standards aren’t being met, the priority of these issues and which pages are in need of the most attention.

  • Improve your customer experience

  • Ensure you comply with international standards

  • Tailor your reports to be actionable for your team

On Page Accessibility View

The on page view allows you to see exactly where an error is on the page.

It helps you to understand the types of errors present and how to fix them.

A really user friendly view which makes accessibility manageable for all technical abilities.

There is also a handy screen reader wand to help you understand your site from another perspective.


Multi-Standard Testing

LFi is tailored to you so you can change the standards you wish to test, running the report as many times as you need to see what progress you are making. We test for discrepancies on Section 508 guidelines and across all WCAG standards including; WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 2.1 – A, AA & AAA guidelines. Helping you improve your ranking and abide set standards.

Key Features

  • Instant tests on as many pages as you need

  • Charts to show progress and improvements over time

  • Reports on all Errors, Warnings and Information points

  • Even reports on pages that require login

  • Uptime Alerts – Instant visibility of when your site is down.

  • Security Scanner– No more opportunities for hackers to attack.

  • Spelling Scanner – No more spelling mistake mishaps.

  • Content Auditing – Know what’s on your site and where.

  • User Journey & Experience – Your SEO and analytics understood.

  • Customised Tracking – We can create policies and plug-in data specifically for you.

  • Unlimited Users – Add your whole digital team with personalised log-ins.

  • Progression Monitoring – Monitor if your site improved this week compared to last.

  • Unlimited Training & Support – Our team make sure you get the most from your LFi.

LFi will help your University meet accessibility standards but on top you will get full Web Governance.
This will mean you can control all aspects of your site under one easy to manage platform. LFi includes monitoring on:

Get your university to the top of the league!

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