//Set Extended Attribute for LiveSite Components

When copying over components from one environment to another, you loose the extended attribute which recognises the component as a Interwoven LiveSite component.  Below is how you would set the extended attribute, so that LiveSite recognises the component.

On command line or in a script you would need to execute the following;

iw-home/bin/iwextattr -s TeamSite/LiveSite/Type=component “hostname/iwadmin/main/livesite/component/WORKAREA/shared/component1


cd iw-home/bin/
iwextattr -s TeamSite/LiveSite/Type=component “hostname/iwadmin/main/livesite/component/WORKAREA/shared/component1


– For Solaris or Linux, if you get to iw-home/bin,  you would place ./ in front of iwextattr
iw-home = TeamSite Install Directory
hostname = Server/Host name
/iwadmin/main/livesite/component/WORKAREA/shared/component1 = Example of a component stored in the shared workarea under components branch

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