Removing Content Store Locks

27 November 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

I experienced a situation where I found my TeamSite Content Store locked.  This meant that TeamSite would not start if it was pointed to the locked content store.
The Solution:

  1. Stop TeamSite (May already be out of service due to the lock Content Store)
  2. Remove ‘LOCKFILE’ files in the Content Store sub-directories (e.g. C:iw-store)
  3. Point to the Content Store.  To do this you have 2 options;
    • Set the Content Store as the Default Content Store.  For this browse to iw-home/etc/.  Edit the file defaultiwstore to point to the content store location.  On Solaris/Linux you would browse to /etc/
    • Add a Content Store – Refer to Add Content Store Blog Article
  4. Start the TeamSite Service – You should now have you content store unlocked and working in TeamSite

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