Add a Content Store

27 November 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

I was recently involved in a upgrade of TeamSite 6.1 to 6.7.1, and had to migrate the old 6.1 content store to the new 6.7.1 content store format.  To do this I decided I would add a new 6.7.1 format content store to TeamSite, and thereafter run my migrate commands.
To add an additional Content Store to TeamSite, you need to execute the following;

  1. Browse to the file iw.cfg (On  Solaris/Linux this is located in /etc/.  On Windows iw-home/etc/)
  2. Add the following lines to the file under the [iwserver] section

    store_comment_new-store=New TeamSite Store

    The 1st line names the store and points to the location of the new store.  The 2nd line is optional, but adds comments to the store

  3. Save the file and do a iwreset
  4. Navigate to iw-home/bin and run the command iwstoreadm -a new-store (new-store is the name of the content store name inputted in point 2)
  5. You should now get a message appearing store has been added.
  6. You can further verify this by running the command,

    iwstoreadm -l (This will display all active stores TeamSite are pointing to with comments)
  7. You now have another content store added to TeamSite

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