Our Partner: Studio 24

16 November 2023
by Billy Czajkowska

About Studio 24

Studio 24 is a thriving digital design and technology agency in the heart of Cambridge.
They work with arts, education, charity and public sector organisations to make
websites and web apps that work for everyone. They’re building a more accessible,
sustainable web
– one impactful project at a time.

Building a better web, together

Studio 24 has always believed in building a better web, using standards to make sure the
sites they build are accessible to all regardless of who you are, what internet access you
have, what device you’re using, or any disability you may have.

Between 2020 and 2022, they worked with the iconic web standards body W3C on the
redesign of their website. W3C was founded by the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee,
and is responsible for key standards that make the World Wide Web work (such as HTML,
CSS, accessibility, web payments and more).

The Studio 24 team won a Gaady Award in 2023 for their work with W3C. The Gaadys
celebrate outstanding digital products that support the GAAD (Global Accessibility
Awareness Day
) Foundation’s mission to disrupt the culture of technology and digital
product development to include accessibility as a core requirement.
Studio 24’s work shows how accessibility can be achieved without sacrificing design or

No drama, just good digital

We’re a friendly team of digital experts working hard to make the web a better place. We
believe in ethical web design, which values accessibility, sustainability, data privacy, and
security. We deliver high-quality, robust websites and services that work for all users.

Contact them directly : [email protected]