Our Partner: Kalamuna

11 October 2023
by Billy Czajkowska

Kalamuna and Little Forest unite in a partnership of digital excellence with a goal to achieve meaningful impact through high quality design focused on usability, compliance and accessibility.

About Kalamuna

Kalamuna is a digital agency with expertise in guiding and supporting organisations through digital transformation. Kalamuna applies expertise in technology, communications and design to create websites of the highest quality whilst also helping navigate the intricacies of compliance and digital sustainability. Empowering organisations with research, strategy, design, and technology to drive positive change.

Discover Kalamuna

Web Design for Higher Education

Universities work hard to make ensure their students and the wider HE community have access to all the information they need. Like Little Forest, Kalamuna is specialised in creating high quality, inclusive digital experiences for educational institutions.

With a strong focus on access, equity, consensus-building and meeting web accessibility standards. They create intuitive websites for students, parents, staff, and donors. The process will not only help build a site centred on excellence but it also opens conversation and creates alignment within the institution amongst stakeholder groups.

With tons of experience in HE it’s they have a great understanding of the complex challenges faced in HE and are there to support and guide you.

Shared Values, Shared Mission

Our collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and purpose. We understand the profound impact that technology can have when coupled with a restless mindset, propelling us to explore new frontiers and create meaningful change.

Transformative Collaboration

Together, we embark on a journey to transform organisations. Whether through a comprehensive website redesign or continuous technical support, our collaboration is focused on creating positive, sustainable change within institutions and organisations.

We believe in using technology as a force for good, shaping a future where digital excellence aligns seamlessly with purpose.

If your organisation shares our vision of leveraging technology to create positive change, let’s start a conversation.