Updating the Dictionary Language for a Site

13 July 2021
by Billy Czajkowska

1. To update your dictionary log into the Little Forest platform using your email and password
Log In Here

2. Go to the project the site belongs to and in the top right you will see  an ‘Edit’ button to click

3. Scroll and find the site you wish to update and select the correct dictionary
A project can have multiple sites in it so make sure you have chosen the correct one

(TIP – Although we support lots of languages, sadly not every language is currently available. Make sure you select ‘Not currently supported’ if you can’t see your language to avoid false negatives in your report)

4. Once you have selected the correct language make sure you click ‘Update This Site’

Your dictionary has now been updated.

For additional help updating your dictionary or if you would like to suggest a new language for our dictionary options please email; [email protected]