Adding Google Analytics Data

17 September 2021
by Billy Czajkowska

1. Before doing anything in the platform you will need to add our crawler as a user to your Google Analytics account. Please use and set with restricted ‘read-only’ access.

2. Once our crawler has been added you can now link the Google Analytics API to the Platform. First log into the Little Forest platform using your email and password.
Log In Here

3. Open up the ‘Edit’ function for the project which has the site you wish to link to Google Analytics.

4. Now scroll down to the site of interest and add the Google Analytics Property & Profile ID.

(TIP – These can both be found inside your Google Analytics account)

5. Once you have input both IDs you need to click ‘Update This Site’ to save.

6. Scroll back up to the top of the page and make sure that the Google Analytics feature is turned on.
If not, tick the box and click ‘Update Project’ to save.

7. Now you can go back to the home page and open up the Google Analytics feature to see your data.

For additional help integrating your Google Analytics data, please email;