How to implement SAML SSO

22 June 2023
by Billy Czajkowska

Integrating your SAML SSO with Little Forest is the best way to provide access to your users.

Please note that the Little Forest SAML SSO solution at present uses only Identity Provider (IdP-Initiated) authentication.

Instant Access, User Experience & Trust, Reduced Password Fatigue, Eliminate Password Management & most importantly increase Security

Getting Started

Firstly, download our SAML metadata information.

We recommend integrating into a Test environment first if possible, once working there we copy the same information to the live environment.

If your system can pass ours the following information about the user that would be great:

  • Display Name
  • Email address
  • Group (this can be Active Directory or similar, this will define whether the login is Admin or normal user. You can also use this to filter the view for the user as to which domains they are presented on login and whether they can edit the list or not.)

You will also need to setup a vanity URL for the Little Forest login

It is helpful to have a couple of screen-shares between our engineers to help complete the integration.

Please contact [email protected] to set-up a call or for any additional help.