Referencing Hello World Java Class in LiveSite External Component

20 January 2009
by Billy Czajkowska

Now that we have Hello.Java created as a class.  Please refer to the blog
Creating a “Hello World” LiveSite Java External
I will demonstrate below how the class would be utilised in a LiveSite component.
– Create a component (name the component what ever you would like it to be)
– Select the component as XML/XSL format
– In Content XML, add the the following code;



    <Object Scope=”local”>com.littleforest.examples.Hello</Object>




– In Appearance XSL, add the following code;


  <xsl:value-of select=”/Properties/Data/Results/Hello”/>


– Save the component, and Preview the Component
– You will see the Hello.Java class discussed in the blog
Creating a “Hello World” LiveSite Java External in your LiveSite component.

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