Fixing the OpenDeploy “IWDirent::Mkdir failed” Error

8 October 2008
by Gavin Colborne

Whilst running an OpenDeploy deployment that usually works no problem, I encountered the following below error.

"ERROR: IWDirent::Mkdir failed, err=30"
ERROR: /iwmnt/default/main/www/example/WORKAREA/Content
could not be created.
ERROR: Failed deploying local_directory[0] (/iwmnt/default/main
/test/WORKAREA/Content) to (/iwmnt/default/main/www/
ERROR: Failed 1 of 1 local_directories

I created the target “Content” workarea in the above case and then this worked!
I think it is pretty obvious but someone / thing had deleted the “Content” workarea that OpenDeploy was configured to deploy too and so the “mkdir” was failing, presumably because of permissions.
If you try to create the directory that OpenDeploy is trying to deploy to this may resolve the above issue for you.

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