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Why you need a Domain Audit

Most large organisations and like Universities and Multinationals have dozens, even hundreds of websites that they are unaware of. Often these old websites are not compliant with Brand, Security and Regulatory guidelines like Privacy and Accessibility.

As part of the Little Forest Governance package you can do a complete audit on all your domains helping you take control of your entire web estate,
(not just your main website!). These domains are applied to your user friendly dashboard to create your full Domain Registry.

Your customers and prospective customers find the best content you provide and have the experience you want them to enjoy.

Ensure that you know exactly which domains and sub-domains belong to your organisation.


  • Understand everything owned by your organisation

  • One centralised registry

  • Control of branding from expired and hijacked domains

  • Security against weaker unknown sites linked to your main domain

  • Get Compliant + Stay Compliant

  • Get accurate reports instantly

Your report will find:

  • Every domain

  • Every sub-domain

  • Every website

  • Every security vulnerability

  • Every page

  • Every cookie

  • Every technology tag

  • Every SSL Certificate

  • Every asset and more…

Domain Discovery Registry

Ditch the spreadsheets and gain rigour by getting all your sites in one easy to manage and control inventory. Get status codes and governance insights which help you decide which sites need to be closed down and which need attention.

Little Forest Digital Registry Dashboard

Ownership & Visibility

Little Forest Domain Registry Column Sorting

Mark each domain with a site owner so you know exactly who is responsible for each website. You can also record business area’s, CMS systems, faculties etc so that the whole organisation have visibility. No more spreadsheets, just one centralised registry. 


Get notified as soon as a new domain is set-up under your sub-domain or registered to your organisation. See which sites are not performing and get alerted when a site is not responding. 

Uptime with Little Forest


Little Forest Governance Dashboarding

Then schedule your Web Governance reports to run regularly across all of your sites to understand their quality, performance and accessibility levels over time.

How it works

Our service starts with a Horizontal Domain Audit which looks for all the unique domains owned by your organisation, for example “” and “”, which are both registered in the Whois database to you.

Once we have found all your domains we audit each one to find all the Vertical subdomains each has, for example “” and “”.

We use a variety of sources to ensure we find as many subdomains as possible, for example:

  1. Search engines such as Google, MicroSoft and Yahoo
  2. DNS Records
  3. SSL Certificate data and more…

Using our methodology and unique platform we guarantee we will find more sites than any other service. Why not get a free audit today?

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