This page is created to hold Common OpenDeploy errors with their possible causes.

It was originally based on a Interwoven Support article but I have updated and extended this to include more and newer errors.

Where there is more than one possible cause, this is noted as #1 and #2 and so forth.

ERROR: outer-loop send failure, err=32 [Unknown socket error]
ERROR: recv failure, err=131 [Unknown socket error]
 Possible Cause#1: Firewall - make sure port is open
 Possible Cause#2: Need to put timeout=25000 (or more)
at top of both server and client config files
ERROR: Failed applying access to (path_to_file)
ERROR: Could not get file data(./filename) from socket.
 Possible Cause:Need to run OD as root
Error: Can Not read Version String Response
 Possible Cause: Port already in use or not open
Possible Cause: If you have multiple deployments to the same
server using the same port number, you will get this message.
In order to deploy simultaneously to the same server,
you need to run each deployment on different ports.
ERROR: Could not read src-dir ack from client.
 Possible Cause: Seems to have many causes including permissions
ERROR: Could not read directive.
 Possible Cause: problem with a script called by OpenDeploy
Error: Ambiguous cross-platform name comparison
 Possible Cause: On solaris to NT if there are files with same name
but different case. Need to change the name.
Error: 'c:Program' is not recognized as an internal
or external command, operable program or batch file.
 Possible Cause: Need to set $IWODHOME to
Progra1~ from Program Files
ERROR: Could not write content size to client
ERROR: Could not write status to client
 Possible Cause: Using different versions of OD
ERROR: Could not read check-keyfile result.
 Possible Cause: Using wrong version of OD
Error: Outer loop send failure. Err 10053.
Cannot return status to server. Could not authenticate client
 Possible Cause: Usually because of the names put into the .cfg files.
Double check the names or use the ip numbers
ERROR: User is not authorized for this deploy!
ERROR: Could not authenticate client.
 Possible Cause: OpenDeploy not running as root on Solaris or
Local System on Windows
ERROR: Could not read deployment name.
 Possible Cause: Check to see if the the OD versions are the same on
both server and client (iwdeploy -v)
ERROR: Could not find matching OpenDeploy client for (ServerX)
 Possible Cause: Configuration has a host name instead of an IP address
set up for deployment
ERROR: Could not rename
 Possible Cause: Disk space on target server
ERROR: Could not read content size from remote.
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Could not read server status, client OK
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Could not read commit complete
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Failed 1 of 1 local_directories
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Could not read rollback start state
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Unable to do hand shake with the sender
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Could not write content size to client.
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: Could not write status to client
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: outer-loop send failure, fd=4, err=32 [Unknown socket error]
 Possible Cause: Firewall timeout
ERROR: not an allowed deployment path
 Possible Cause: NAT source IP must be configure in odrcvr.xml
ERROR: Failed to locate Access Service,
 Possible Cause: Update the OD-conf/ file
to reflect correct server name

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