XSL:Sort by Date, Organise by Type

In this example, we have a collection of material which we want to make available to users: whitepapers, articles, tips etc.  We want to group these by material and show the relevant subheading when this changes, but avoid redisplaying the heading if it remains the same, say: Whitepaper ... ... Article ... ... As per [...]

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XSL:Sort By Date, Limit Returned Results

In an accompanying article, a simple method to sort by date was introduced. Normally it is desirable to limit the number of results shown. There are various complex ways of doing this posted on other sites, the fundamental problem being that <xsl:variable> works as a constant in practice, i.e set only once. Trying to implement [...]

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XSL:Sort By Date

The following  should do the work This assumes the date is in the form dd/mm/yyyy: the seperators could be different as they are ignored anyway based on the substring. The important thing to realise here is that the <xsl:sort> functions do not do anything APART from sort, so there is nothing to see at this [...]

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Keeping XML Tags in XSL

Problem In your XSL you want to grab an XML document "as is" but the XSL keeps stripping the XML tags and only returning data values to you. My LiveSite Component was connecting to a XML WebService and in one case I only wanted to retrieve all the XML and return it to my XSL. [...]

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LiveSite XSL Reference II

Nested Quotations with XSL It is not unusual to come across a situation where nested quotations fail (are exceeded) in an apperance XSL document. Say I want to tie a Javascript function to an input control, but I want to pass the value of a datum-type as an argument to the funtion. Therefore I want [...]

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Work with LiveSite Components “Offline”

If you are developing LiveSite components in a shared environment, the chances are high that your editing will be interrupted by other users performing builds. To get around this you can bypass the online environment, and access the component files direct. 1) Use Samba or a tool such as FileZilla to access the component files. [...]

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VIM Functions and Menu Items for Writing XSL

Add the following lines to a myxsl.vim file and place it in your VIM plugins directory. The next time you start VIM, you will have a menu called "lf" appear with the following items listed that allow you to create more xsl code with less typing. Note that you must also add the VIM utility functions [...]

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