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Little Forest can upgrade your TeamSite

With the strongest global team of dedicated TeamSite Consultants, we are the leading company in providing successful TeamSite upgrades.

We have a vast experience of upgrading platforms running hundreds of websites with complex configurations such as multi-country, multi-language and multi-devices.

Our projects all carry our guarantee of an on time, on budget delivery.

We are happy to agree fix costs to ensure your budget is kept intact.

We have upgraded many world class brands such as British Airways, Virgin, The Carphone Warehouse and many more.

What are the benefits?

  • Create outstanding Customer Experiences and build your brand

  • Drive demand using Realtime Marketing Capabilities

  • Know your customers by Personalising your content to them

  • Increase revenue by building individual interactions at customer touch points

  • Improved Time to Market for your Web Campaigns

Technology benefits

  • A Vendor Supported software platform

  • New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Improvements in Performance and Stability of the platform

  • Increase your traffic exercising advanced Multi-variant Testing

TeamSite 7.2.1 End of support

OpenText has now officially ended support on TeamSite version 7.2.1 and earlier with immediate effect.

Also out of vendor support are the following TeamSite versions:

  • TeamSite 6.5

  • TeamSite 6.7.1

  • TeamSite 6.7.2

  • TeamSite 7.2.1

What does this mean for me?

OpenText will no longer support customers with issues that are running older versions of TeamSite.

The recommendation will be to upgrade to the latest version to fix the problem first.

Only then will the issue be addressed by the Support or Engineering team and a software Patch issued if required.

Being out of official vendor support for your platform can lead to significant business impact and delays to the Service.

What can I do to fix this?

You need to upgrade to TeamSite 7.5 or TeamSite 8.2 ideally.

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With the strongest global team of dedicated TeamSite Consultants we are the leading company in providing successful upgrades. We can deliver on time & on budget.

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