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Our TeamSite health check delivers you a comprehensive report on the state of your TeamSite installation and informs you of how you are doing in several key areas:

  • Usability

  • Flexibility

  • Performance

  • Stability

  • Maintainability

  • Code quality

The report is targeted at business and technical officers and empowers them to action updates to their sites in the case that any aspects are not up to the required quality.

Our health check is used by customers in several scenarios.

  • See exactly how your customer experience is

  • Identify common issues such as slow loading pages

  • Learn what areas of your site are the most popular

  • As a basis for assuming responsibility for an existing TeamSite site

  • As a starting point for an upgrade or enhancement

  • As a regular assessment of site performance and compliance

The Report

Our TeamSite health check will be sent to you as a PDF document which is broken down into the following sections:

  • Overview (what was tested and when, by whom)

  • The tests performed and their outcomes

  • Our recommendations (if any action is required)

  • For our test results we offer an executive summary using a simple traffic light system

( Red, Amber or Green for each test ) to indicate where action is required.

Follow Up Appointment

Upon delivery of our report we’ll arrange a follow up appointment to establish:

  • You are happy with the results of the report

  • You have understood any issues identified

  • You are able to remedy any issues of concern

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