How does it help you?

With a platform as complex as TeamSite, technical problems will arise that can be a waste of your time and resources. The best way to solve them is by contacting our expert team here at Little Forest, we specialise in developing TeamSite and other OpenText technologies.

What are the benefits?

  • Full support coverage – OpenText only support their product, we support all your customisations as well

  • 24 hours maintenance, expert advice and troubleshooting – Helping you achieve your SLA’s

  • Instant code editing and tuning of your custom code base

  • Less system errors due to swift response – A more stable, performant and reliable service for the users

  • Better web presence and technologies due to constant communication and advice

  • Access to lessons learnt gained from our TeamSite clients

Core Support Services

In addition to managing any incident that is reported to us for support purposes, we also provide the following proactive services:


A core feature of our annual support is that we provide regular monthly housekeeping, to help prevent technical issues. Our expert Consultants follow a check list of activities to keep the service running smoothly and to help prevent problems from happening.

  • Full server analysis to ensure any errors are understood and addressed

  • TeamSite Services re-fresh

  • Log rotation and archival

  • File system checks to ensure data consistency

  • Full management report of all findings with any recommended actions

  • Discussions with business and technical team members to provide feedback


In addition to housekeeping, Little Forest will also run a full TeamSite Diagnostics scan on the Production Server. We analyse the output to ensure all items are as expected and report back to you about our findings.

The detailed diagnostic report is version controlled, so that in the event of a problem arising, we can quickly and easily compare the current state of the service to a previous working state.

Little Forest will always support you

With one of the best and most experienced support team on the web, Little Forest can help make your company become more efficient, effective and productive.Our projects all carry our guarantee of an on time, on budget delivery.

We have upgraded many world class brands such as British Airways, Virgin, The Carphone Warehouse and many more.

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We can also help with


Little Forest provides the most professional training in TeamSite available. We run many training courses throughout each year; please contact us to inquire about it.

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TeamSite Health Check

Our TeamSite health-check delivers you a comprehensive report on the state of your TeamSite installation and informs you if it’s performing well.

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With the strongest global team of dedicated TeamSite Consultants we are the leading company in providing successful upgrades. We can deliver on time & on budget.

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