The importance of performance

The performance of your website is a critically important measure, contributing to how digitally successful you will be.

The faster your pages load, the more page views you will get, the more repeat customers with higher engagement levels you will have.

Little Forest are experts at Web Performance Optimisation and love the challenge that improving load times brings.

What are the benefits?

  • Happier customers (who likes waiting for slow loading pages?)

  • Improved Search Engine Results (as Google now biases towards faster loading pages)

  • Increased Revenue (faster pages = more page views = increased brand engagement = increased conversion)

  • Decreased Costs (best practices in web tuning will reduce network and server load and thus save you money)

Little Forest will optimise your platform’s performance

Little Forest would love the challenge of making your company’s platform and tools become more efficient and productive.

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We can also help with

TeamSite Support

We offer the “follow the sun” support service for your web platform.We offer the “follow the sun” support service for your web platform.We offer the “follow the sun” support service for 

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TeamSite Health Check

Our TeamSite health-check delivers you a comprehensive report on the state of your TeamSite installation and informs you if it’s performing well.

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With the strongest global team of dedicated TeamSite Consultants we are the leading company in providing successful upgrades. We can deliver on time & on budget.

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