LiveSite 3.0.2 Installation Procedure

25 July 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

If you have TeamSite 6.7.1 SP1 and wish to have LiveSite. You will need to install LiveSite 3.0.2
There are certain pre-reqs that need to be followed before doing the installation

  1. OpenDeploy must be installed on the server. This at present (25th July 08) can only be
    OpenDeploy 6.1.1 with the latest patch. NOTE: It will not work with OpenDeploy (OD) 6.2.
    The installation will not be able to detect OpenDeploy should you install OD 6.2,
    and will display an error
  2. You need to have a minimum of 2gb space whilst installing, else you will experience
    errors near the end of the installation, with LiveSite unable to write to TeamSite
  3. Make sure you have enough virtual memory. Again errors will appear similar to point 2
  4. You need to have a DBMS installed that will be integrated with LiveSite. If you don’t
    then you will have to cut short your installation. Create a LiveSite runtime, and
    LiveSite Development database. You can name it what ever you wish
    (you will need this for the installation)
  5. You will need create a user ‘DomainNamelivesite-od’ in Windows or on a UNIX box
    just ‘livesite-od’. This user needs to have od-admin access; which can be done via the OD interface
  6. You will need to configure OpenDeploy Web services as described in the location

    <od-home directory>/websvc/README_OD_WEB_SERVICE

    Ignore the 1st step of the ‘README_OD_WEB_SERVICE’ file as this step is done by the LiveSite Installer
  7. Configure odbase.xml. You will find odbase.xml in <od-home directory>/etc
    You need to apply (uncomment) the following <databaseDeployment>and
    <webServices> sections and enter the appropriate host name:<databaseDeployment>
    <standalone enabled=”yes”/>
    <das enabled=”yes”/>
    <webServices enabled=”yes”>
    <httpTransport port=”port_number” host=”hostname”>

Once you have all this in place you can begin the installation, and the install should run smoothly
After Installation, you will need to complete a few post installation steps.
This can be found in the LiveSite Installation guides created by Interwoven from page 38 onwards
Now LiveSite, TeamSite & OpenDeploy should be up and running.

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