XSL:Sort by Date, Organise by Type

In this example, we have a collection of material which we want to make available to users: whitepapers, articles, tips etc.  We want to group these by material and show the relevant subheading when this changes, but avoid redisplaying the heading if it remains the same, say: Whitepaper ... ... Article ... ... As per [...]

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XSL:Sort By Date

The following  should do the work This assumes the date is in the form dd/mm/yyyy: the seperators could be different as they are ignored anyway based on the substring. The important thing to realise here is that the <xsl:sort> functions do not do anything APART from sort, so there is nothing to see at this [...]

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Compiling Java Classes in LiveSite 3.0.2

Java classes created in TeamSite & LiveSite reference many other Java files.  These files are located in a different directory of TeamSite, so are referred to as external files to the location where Java classes. The problem with compiling a Java class comes when the Java file to be compiled looks for these reference files, [...]

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LiveSite JCS Cache Settings

Thanks to Steve Russell from Realise for the below configurations for JCS Cache. Here's the properties you can set in JCS via cache.ccf in "./profiles/base/installedApps/nd_cellname/LiveSite Run Time.ear/iw-runtime.war/WEB-INF/classes/"... JCS details here (http://jakarta.apache.org/jcs/getting_started/intro.html) Property Description MaxObjects The maximum number of items allowed in memory. Eviction of elements in excess of this number is determined by the memory [...]

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Set Extended Attribute for LiveSite Components

When copying over components from one environment to another, you loose the extended attribute which recognises the component as a Interwoven LiveSite component.  Below is how you would set the extended attribute, so that LiveSite recognises the component. On command line or in a script you would need to execute the following; iw-home/bin/iwextattr -s TeamSite/LiveSite/Type=component [...]

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Installation Tips

From my experience there are a few things to bear in mind when installing Interwoven Software.  These include Always install your software as administrator or full root (for solaris/Linux).  In respects to root access it must be full root not any sppof such as sudo. At the lease su root would be acceptable.  There have [...]

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LiveSite XSL Reference II

Nested Quotations with XSL It is not unusual to come across a situation where nested quotations fail (are exceeded) in an apperance XSL document. Say I want to tie a Javascript function to an input control, but I want to pass the value of a datum-type as an argument to the funtion. Therefore I want [...]

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Fixing “An error occurred while getting the page”

If you get the below issue when trying to edit or view a page in LiveSite then check whether the server has run out of disk space: "An error occurred while getting the page" In the servlet_out.log file you may also see the following: "Caused by: com.interwoven.livesite.common.business.BusinessException: Failed to get page //snt2k020/default/main/UK/WORKAREA/Content/sites/one/home.page at com.interwoven.livesite.business.BusinessPage.getTemplate(BusinessPage.java:771) at [...]

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