LiveSite Cache

23 September 2008
by Gavin Colborne

How to clear the LiveSite Runtime Cache
You can go to the following URL on your runtime server to clear the JCS cache:
You should see a screen similar to the below, where you can click on “Clear all regions” link or the “Remove All” links on the right hand side of the table.
Cache Regions
Other things to try and help troubleshoot caching issues are:

1. On runtime server you may want to manually remove all the cache files. To do this you need to change directory to the
“LiveSite Run Time.ear/iw-runtime.war/WEB-INF/livesite.cache” folder and remove all files such as, component.key, and page.key.
2. Don’t forget to look at the component cache settings too, as well as your own browser cache settings. It may help to delete all local files from the browser cache
including session, path and domain cookies. Use Firefox’s “Firebug” and “Web Developer” plugins if you are not familiar with how to do this in your browser.
3. Check from another user desktop to see if they are experiencing similar issues to your own.
This can help eliminate the client side from any cache related troubleshooting you are doing.
4. Re-start the LiveSite Runtime Application server

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