Write Errors, Low Disk Space mentioned in the Logs

27 November 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

Platform: Linux
TeamSite Version: 6.7.1
Content Store: Located on a NFS Share mounted on version 2
I was involved in a project where TeamSite reported the following warning in the iwtrace.logs
Warning: disk low    “/local/data/interwoven/iw-store/workflow”    Less than 50000 inodes (0 free of 0 inodes).
This was diagnosed, and the following diagnosis was made
– The server reported a low number of inodes.
– ‘df -i’ showed that there were inodes at all (available, used and free) on the interwoven nfs share.
– This issue was triggered during diagnosis of a nfs lock (refer to content store lock article)
– netapp filer is confused when NFS share is mounted both as nfs v2 and nfs v3.
Mounting the interwoven nfs share under nfs v3

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