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Google Search Console Integration

The Little Forest index (LFi) allows you to manage all your data in one easy to use platform and with the new Google Search Console integration you can get more insights than ever before. The Google Search Console helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results from keywords and backlinks to mobile readiness.

Monitoring the health of your digital doesn’t need to be complicated. Log into one simple platform which gives you all the insights you need without having to jump between tools. See the whole picture with LFi.

Keyword Monitoring

Compare the top 10 keywords for your site to see where your traffic is coming from and how you can maximise visits. You can export your data or change the date range. The LFi platform stores data for longer than Google Search Console so that you can get a better understanding of your keywords over time.

Little Forest Keywords Table

Do you have multiple sites? With LFi you can easily compare how well a keyword is performing from one site to another.

Keyword Comparison

You can select any of your sites to get a closer look at your overall keyword information. Our easy to use graphs help you to easily understand your Clicks, Impressions, CTR % and Position over time. Hover over any dots to get a precise figure for that specific date.

Google Search Console Keyword Graph

To help you share insights with your team you can easily export the reports, change the date range and deselect any of the metrics on the graph to focus on the data most important to you.

Google Search Console Keyword Graph Features

And it doesn’t stop there… You can look at the complete inventory of your sites keywords in this easy to use dashboard. You can also use the search feature to easily find the data you need.

Google Search Console Keyword Dashboard

You can additionally use the advanced features to further filter on the specific data points which you require. Add phrases, search based on country, device, search type etc. You can also sort on any of the columns to better organise your results.

Google Search Console Keyword Dashboard Features

Sitemaps Monitoring

Ensure all your Sitemap entries are indexed for the best SEO results. The Search Console data gives confirmation that all your pages indexed in Google so that users won’t miss out on any of your content.  Make quick comparisons across all your sites, share results with your team and get everyone working on the same page.

Google Sitemap

Select any of your sites you get additional detail with precise visualisations which you can print or export to share your insights.

Sitemap Graph

Crawler Error Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your crawler errors is important for not only your SEO but your UX. If Google can’t crawl them, then the pages will not show up when your users search online.  With LFi you can compare all your sites at once, focusing on both desktop and mobile.

GSC Crawl Error

Map these results over time for each site with these easy to understand visualisations. Monitor which sites are improving and which need attention. Easy to export, easy to share, easy understand!

GSC Crawler Error Graph

Benefits of Google Search Console for LFi

Google Search Console logo
  • Manage all your sites quality, analytics & keyword information in one place

  • Your Content Goes Here

  • Compare multiple sites at a glance with the project view

  • Extended data retention (more than the 90 days from GSC)

  • Take control of the backlinks on your sites

  • Monitor your mobile readiness (including AMP status from Google)

  • Eradicate any errors Google has had crawling your site

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