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No more log in, log out. Make Little Forest your only Web Governance platform!

Little Forest index (LFi) understands that monitoring Web Governance is different for every company, which is why we focus on building custom enterprise integrations based on your needs.

That being said, with Google Analytics (GA) being one of the most popular platforms for monitoring digital KPI’s we knew our latest integration would be one which would bring us closer to the dream of an all in one Web Governance platform.

The dashboard allows Multinationals to benchmark across all their sites at a glance. This is great to see not only where you are now but it lets you see which sites are doing better and how you can use these insights to make improvements across the whole business.

Google Analytics Comparison Chart

The dashboard is made to be user friendly and allows you to change the date ranges, show and hide columns and even export data to share with your team in one click.

You can also take a closer look at an individual sites trends over time. This way you can monitor exactly how the increased digital governance is affecting your traffic.

Google Analytics Graph

Want to take a closer look at specific data points on a site whilst benchmarking against others? With LFi you can!

Simply choose from the drop-down menu on the right.

Google Analytics Devices Chart

One of the most popular features on the dashboard is GA channel benchmarking. With a click you can see; where sites are most successful in pulling in organic traffic, which sites are investing more in paid search and who has mastered the art of social advertising.

You can also focus on individual sites without having to log into your Google Analytics, saving you time.

Google Analytics Revenue Chart

Want to test out our GA integration for yourself? Get your free trial report today!

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