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Measured Marketing – Understanding the links between Paid Digital Advertising and Content Governance

Little Forest index (LFi) is a tool unlike any other, as well as our own data we pull in data from all your digital platforms and tools, helping you deep dive into all areas of your web estate and get the insights which lead to digital success.

Paid data is an integral part of any business which is why so many of our clients have decided to integrate the reports into their LFi. Adding this data to your LFi means you can see all your reports in the same place. Help your team by putting all the information they need into LFi, no more log-in, log-out just simple strategising.

Google AdWords is already an incredible source of marketing software which is highly measurable meaning complete visibility on RIO, LFi helps you compare how Google AdWords is performing compared to Organic and how site improvements affect your advertising positions and CPC.

Multinational Dash-boarding

The LFi tailored dashboard assists multinationals in benchmarking across all their sites at a glance. Understand who is spending the most, who has the best click through rates and conversions etc. By monitoring which sites are performing best within their budgets you are able to help lower performing sites using your own data.

Google AdWords Comparisons

Dashboard Functions

Customise the dates and sort on columns to get the information most valuable to you. Then export your data with one easy click and share your insights with your team.

Little Forest AdWords

Customised Scoring

LFi’s unique indexing creates a score which means you can add all your data to one all-inclusive score and monitor your sites overall performance at a glance. You can add the data, weightings and benchmarks to these which are best suited for your business e.g. if Google AdWords CPC is important you can add this with a weighting of 5 to your score configuration and it will have a large impact on your score, however if email marketing is not important you could add this with a weighting of 1 or 0 so that it has little or no effect.

Google AdWords Little Forest Scoring

Custom Reports

Want to compare paid to other of your site. With LFi you can also create your own customised reports with the data points of your choice. Compare paid data to broken links, server errors or even organic traffic and you will be surprised and some of the unexpected correlations which can be found. Save your custom reports, share them or save them and edit them at a later date. LFi is a tool for everyone, how will you use it?

LFi Custom AdWords Reports

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