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LFi’s Digital Marketing Score

Understand your entire digital performance in one easy to manage number!

Say hello to easy web success reporting with our Digital Marketing score.

Are you drowning in data and key performance indicators?

Do you actually know if your website performed better this week for your business, compared to last?

The Little Forest index (LFi) can help answer this question. It is a single score for all of your Digital Marketing activity, helping you to see instantly if your site is performing better today than yesterday.

You can add your KPI’s from all digital channels including email marketing, paid search, social campaigns and much more.

You can set targets that combine together into a single score for you to benchmark against.

You can include data from anywhere and tailor your score to represent your exact vision of digital success.

Digital Marketing Score Overview

Score Overview

LFi is a mature tool which helps you to take control of your site. The sophisticated reporting allows you to customise the reports with your chosen data points, monitoring anything from; broken links, uptime and analytics etc.

As well as in-depth reviews, we will work with you to create a unique scoring system through LFi’s ‘Score Configuration’ which will generate a single score across all of your data points, so you can track the progress of your overall site in real time.

You will be able to edit as you go along adding and removing data points depending on your business needs. LFi will help you learn more about your site and strengthen your digital strategy.

Why use LFi Digital Marketing Score?

  • Easily benchmark your site

  • Identify which channels or areas are under achieving quickly

  • Ensure your site performs better each day, week and month towards your goals

Digital Marketing Score Metrics

Export & Customise Reports

Digital Marketing Score Configuration

LFi puts together engaging colour coded reports which highlight the positive progress your site has made and raises any problem areas.

Reports will have your logo’s and can be exported into spreadsheets, PDF’s and be accessible on all devices.

Key Features

  • Categorise your targets from “Poor” to “Excellent” for all data points

  • Tailor your score to meet your needs

  • Email alerts around your score

  • Charts to show your performance improving over time

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What our users are saying

Well this is pretty impressive from my quick initial dive in. Very easy to navigate and crystal clear to understand.

I can really see the value of this tool in helping us make easy changes that will improve our web effectiveness.

That looks very good and it will be good fun to see the LFi going up after we’ve taken care of some fixes

Thanks once again for introducing LFi, I can see this being incredibly valuable.

For our content management team, this is like gold dust!