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Content Audit for Digital Marketeers

With a Little Forest Content Audit you will get to know every page and asset on your website.

Are you needing to create an audit of every page and asset on your website?

We can help.Our Little Forest index (LFi) Content Audit gives you instant access to a full inventory of every element on your website.

You can search, sort and filter across pages, images, documents, videos and much more.

Content Audit LFi Overview

Content Audit Graph

As LFi automates the audit of your website, it speeds up the process of gathering the information you need.

Imagine how long it would take to manually audit a website of a few thousand pages!

Our unique “spreadsheet” type view of all of your webpages allows you to see very quickly any issues in the content of your pages.

Why use LFi Content Audit?

  • Save time by automating the process

  • Gain control and improve your content quality

  • Improve your customer experience

Key Features of LFi Content Audit

  • Spreadsheet type view of all assets

  • Reporting on broken links

  • Search across all content and code

  • Perfect for comparing many websites

  • Export all your content to spreadsheets

Filtering and Searching

Above the list of your webpages, LFi allows you to search and filter to your exact needs.
For example you may only want to look at pages containing “/products/” in the URL. By adding this to the “Filter” field your list below is immediately updated.

Content Audit Filter

Column Sorting

Content Audit Column Sorting

You can sort any of the columns to group your pages together.

This simple feature is incredibly useful as you see the following reports using it:

  • All your broken links (by sorting on “Status” and Filtering for “404”)

  • See all your pages missing a Title (sort on Page Title column)

  • See all your pages missing a Meta Description (sort on this column)

Showing or Hiding Columns

Content Audit Column Feature

A Full Content Inventory of your Website

Content Audit Inventory

We create a full Content Inventory of every asset on your website in one simple to see view.

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What our users are saying

Well this is pretty impressive from my quick initial dive in. Very easy to navigate and crystal clear to understand.

I can really see the value of this tool in helping us make easy changes that will improve our web effectiveness.

That looks very good and it will be good fun to see the LFi going up after we’ve taken care of some fixes

Thanks once again for introducing LFi, I can see this being incredibly valuable.

For our content management team, this is like gold dust!