Configure Branches for TeamSite Search

1 December 2008
by Billy Czajkowska

To index branches in TeamSite Search you need to edit the following file;

(Note: Search-home is TeamSite Search Install Location)

Branches should be inputted as;

Points to consider;
– If /default/main is not in use, it is not worth indexing
– You must input each and every branch you want to index including sub branches in the file individually

Process of indexing a branch;

  1. Stop the TeamSite Search service
  2. Stop the TeamSite Search Index Service
  3. Edit the file mentioned above
  4. Start the TeamSite Search Index Service
  5. Start the TeamSite Search Service

This will begin the indexing of staging area of the inputted branches in step 3.  To enable workarea search, please refer to enable workarea search post.  The process above applies to all operating systems

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