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Little Forest Index – Making Adobe Analytics Accessible

Little Forest index (LFi) is all about ease. It’s a platform which allows you to customise enterprise integrations to make digital performance monitoring simple.

Understanding the health of your website shouldn’t be difficult. We don’t believe in juggling platforms and spreadsheets instead we let LFi take care of everything. Our latest integration with Adobe Analytics proves how simple can be.

The dashboard allows you to see in seconds the benchmark across all your multinational sites. It is a great way to monitor overtime to see which sites are moving forwards, which remain stagnant and which could use some attention. Allow insights from your own data to lead future development.

LFi lets you filter based on your needs. Turn off certain country results based on the divisions you manage or group them together to see your digital growth overall.

Adobe Analytics Global Graph Tab

Want to take a closer look at more detailed time scales? With LFi you can!

Simply choose from the dropdown box and then select the year you wish to look at.

Now if we go into the report settings you can see it’s easy to set the currency rate or budget/goals so it is simple to monitor progress and for your team to have a clear understanding of what they are working towards.

You can set Targets, Budgets and Conversion rates to automatically track site revenues against.

Adobe Analytics Graph Page Views

Still want more from your Adobe Analytics?

Hover over the dashboard to look at exact figures.

Adobe Analytics Graph Yearly

LFi understands that the information is valuable to not only you but your whole organisation. Find the information you need and with a simple click print or export the data to share your insights.

Adobe Analytics Graph Export

Adobe Analytics say “It’s more than data and insights. It’s about actually knowing people.” LFi couldn’t agree more!

Working together we can give you more information about your clients and potential customers than has ever been available before.

Don’t let your valuable data go to waste, use it to shape the future of your digital!

Want to test out our Adobe Analytics integration for yourself? Get your free trial report today!

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