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Little Forest Tag Audit

Can you confidently say you know exactly which tags and technologies are on your websites and mobile apps, or where they are?

The Little Forest Tag Audit feature gives you lightning fast monitoring so that you can efficiently and precisely audit your site and helps inform your future strategy.

Tags and Pixels are great because with just a simple piece of JavaScript you can quickly get visitor insights across different area’s of your business, from ecommerce to retargeting there is a tag for everything but they can be difficult keep track of. Little Forest’s Tag Audit saves you hours of manual checking and gives you back control of your site.

Benefits of Tag Audit

  • Data Quality – ensure important business decisions are based on accurate metrics.

  • User Experience – be confident that your users are seeing the right content.

  • Performance – make sure 3rd party tags are not slowing down your pages.

  • Security and Privacy – avoid data leakage whether intentional or accidental.

  • Cost – be certain you are not tagging pages twice – once in TMS and also Hard coding.

Bigger is better when it comes to Tag Audit Libraries and with the largest database in the world you can be certain Little Forest have you covered. 2,000 and counting. Don’t believe us?

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Tag Audit Features

Unbiased reporting which tells you what you need to know about your tags.

Tag Audit Overview

We scan your entire site so you can quickly see exactly which tags are present, what type of tag they are and on what percentage of pages they appear.

Flip between an Overview of all your sites or take a site by site view to get the level of insight best suited to you.

Tag Analytics Overview

Compare Sites

Tag Analytics Compare Sites

In this easy to use dashboard you can compare all of your sites and sub-sites to see who is leading the way to improved tag governance.

You can sort columns, search and click on any of the data points to get a more in-depth look or export data to share with your team.

See which URL’s are lacking the tag, which URL’s have more than one of the same tag and even spot tags which should not be present.

URL Inventory

You can click on any site and get the full tag audit data for each URL on one screen.

This way you can focus on the areas important to you and delegate to your team. We allow unlimited users at no extra cost.

Peace of mind has never been simpler!

Tag Analytics URL Inventory

Tag Database

Tag Database

LFi has the largest tag database on the market and we still want more.

With 2,000 and counting we want to hear which new tags matter to you.

Check out all of the technologies and tags or get in contact to add more.

Tag Database

Take a Closer Peek with Tag Audit Graphs

Don’t let your Tags drag you down!

Want to know more? Speak to one of our specialist Consultants about Little Forest Tag Audit.

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What our users are saying

Well this is pretty impressive from my quick initial dive in. Very easy to navigate and crystal clear to understand.

I can really see the value of this tool in helping us make easy changes that will improve our web effectiveness.

That looks very good and it will be good fun to see the LFi going up after we’ve taken care of some fixes

Thanks once again for introducing LFi, I can see this being incredibly valuable.

For our content management team, this is like gold dust!