Our Partner: Equalize Digital

11 March 2024
by Billy Czajkowska

Together, Equalize Digital and Little Forest provide a comprehensive approach to accessibility for WordPress websites of all types, including those in higher education, government, nonprofit, or business verticals.

About Equalize Digital

Equalize Digital is a mission-driven organization that specializes in WordPress accessibility. Its team knows WordPress inside and out and is able to provide content-management-specific solutions to make your accessibility journey easier and remediation faster.

Providing manual accessibility auditing by certified accessibility experts, user testing by users of assistive technology, and accessibility remediation plans that allow you to spread out remediation costs over time. If or when you’re ready for a new website, Equalize Digital builds custom accessibility-first WordPress websites.

Industry Experience

Equalize Digital was proud to be the accessibility team on the new NASA.gov website and has worked with public sector organizations at the state and federal levels. 

The company supports educational institutions, nonprofits, and businesses of all sizes in remediating accessibility issues on their WordPress websites, including in instances where a lawsuit or an agreement with the Office of Civil Rights (U.S. Department of Education) mandates remediation.

Equalize Digital’s team has been working in WordPress for more than 20 years and brings a depth of knowledge to each WordPress accessibility project. The team won a Gaady Award in 2023 for their contributions to accessibility in WordPress.  


Equalize Digital believes that training and education are vital to achieving an accessible web. They run the official WordPress Accessibility Meetup, which offers two free live captioned webinars per month on various accessibility topics and are lead organizers of the annual WordPress Accessibility Day conference.

In all engagements, Equalize Digital has a strong focus on training and providing accessibility governance recommendations so you can proactively manage accessibility moving forward. They give you the tools to empower your team to create accessible content from the beginning, removing the need for retroactive remediation, which reduces cost and labor over time.

Always Helpful

The Equalize Digital team strives to be helpful in all they do, whether that’s partnering with you to remediate your website, launch something new, or connecting you with a resource to help you achieve your digital accessibility goals.

If you have a WordPress website and need accessibility support, get in touch. They’d love to help. 

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