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Website Vulnerability Report

Do you know whether your website has security flaws?

Website Vulnerability Report Chart

You wouldn’t leave your home open to criminals so why give cyber attackers access to your online systems?

Just under ¾ of websites and online IT infrastructure have some form weakness, leaving them open to attack.

By finding and addressing these vulnerabilities you are protecting  not only yourselves but your clients and customers too.

We will help you secure targeted data including; PII, eCommerce, backend, online and dynamic content.

Our reports show you in real time what and where these compromised access points are, so you can be sure you are meeting regulation.

Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning

  • Ensure your customer data is secure

  • Protect your brand online

  • Be compliant with industry standards on data protection

Website Vulnerability Comparisons

Little Forest Website Vulnerability reports on Security issues such as malware or viruses hosted or propagated by websites through running OWASP Web Application Vulnerability scans on entire web platforms.

We integrate data from dedicated internal Security tools and flag key metrics such as critical weaknesses that must be addressed. These are often run on hosting servers and networks provided by our clients

We automatically check for malware using established 3rd party sites such as: McAfee, Sophos, Norton & Google Safe Browsing.

We also integrate into Google Search Console and report any security issues flagged by Google on individual websites.

Complete Security

Our Little Forest index (LFi) Website Vulnerability reports use all the OWASP Top 10 risks and reports on how your website performs against each of them.

This way you can secure any vulnerabilities before cyber criminals exploit them.

The OWASP ( Open Web Application Security Project ) Top Ten report is a list of the 10 most dangerous Internet application security holes.

Alongside each flaw is reference to an effective method of dealing with the flaw.

We provides a list of the 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks using OWASP and for each Risk we provide:

  • A description

  • Example vulnerabilities

  • Example attacks

  • Guidance on how to avoid

  • References to OWASP and other related resources

The Vulnerabilities we report on now are:

  • Injection flaws, such as SQL, OS, and LDAP injection which can allow an attacker access to your data

  • Broken Authentication functions which can allow an attacker to assume the identity of your customer

  • Cross Site scripting which allows attackers to execute scripts in your customers browsers or deface your website

  • Insecure direct object references such as exposing a file or database without proper access control

  • Security misconfigurations across your web, application and database servers

  • Sensitive data exposure such as IDs and credit card information

  • Missing function level access control which is essential to stop attackers forging requests without permission

  • Cross site request forgery which allows the attacker to make the victim believe their requests are legitimate

  • Known vulnerability component use such as software modules and libraries that have known security issues

  • Unvalidated redirects and forwards through which attackers can redirect victims to malware sites

LFi does all of this without capturing or storing any personal or sensitive data and can provide both admin and user roles with relevant separation of functionality.

Our reports will help you understand any vulnerabilities and highlight which can put you at most risk, so you can prioritise your time effectively.

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