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Your TeamSite Understood

Little Forest provides the most professional TeamSite training available. Tailored plans that give you the tools you need to manage your TeamSite. Training can be provided both onsite and virtually online.

We offer the following types of custom training in of all elements of TeamSite and OpenText software:

  • Customised, tailored training for Business Users, Administrators & Developers

  • Features and benefits overview of latest TeamSite releases

We run many training courses throughout the year; please contact us to inquire about the on-going schedule.

We provide training in all of the following software packages:

  • TeamSite

  • LiveSite

  • IDOL

  • MediaBin

  • OpenDeploy

You can also request our popular custom package.

With a Custom Package we train your people, in your offices, in your specific TeamSite implementation.

Features of our Custom Training include:

  • An investment of £1000 per person attending the course

  • We can perform the Training in a location of your choice

  • We create Custom Training based on your specific implementation

  • We focus on the areas you believe are most relevant to your Trainees

  • Create a Handbook for easy reference by the students after the course

  • The minimum number of attendees at a custom course is 5 people

Why Little Forest

Little Forest is an ideal supplier of TeamSite Training and Consultancy as we are experts specialised solely in this area of technology.
We have implemented over 70 different TeamSite platforms, over the last 10 years and apply industry best practices to all our customer engagements.

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We can also help with

TeamSite Support

We offer the “follow the sun” support service for your web platform. We offer the “follow the sun” support service for your web platform. for your web platform.

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TeamSite Health Check

Our TeamSite health-check delivers you a comprehensive report on the state of your TeamSite installation and informs you if it’s performing well.

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With the strongest global team of dedicated TeamSite Consultants we are the leading company in providing successful upgrades. We can deliver on time & on budget.

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