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Setting Environment Variables

Setting Environment path variables allows a user to input on command line a Interwoven command line tool rather than also entering the path and the name of the command line tool e.g. The TeamSite reset command is iwreset.  Without the environmental path variable set, the command on command prompt would be required to be inputted [...]

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Search Command Lines

Below are useful Search Command Line tools.  They will help with managing the index and search servers iwsrchgethome - Displays the location of the TeamSite Search home directory. iwndxmgrfreeze - Freezes and unfreezes the index manager. iwndxmgrstatus - Determines the current status of the index manager (active or frozen). iwndxmgrstop - Shuts down the index [...]

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Installation Tips

From my experience there are a few things to bear in mind when installing Interwoven Software.  These include Always install your software as administrator or full root (for solaris/Linux).  In respects to root access it must be full root not any sppof such as sudo. At the lease su root would be acceptable.  There have [...]

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Search within a DCT/TeamSite template

Providing you have TeamSite installed along with TeamSite Search (Both in working order), you can configure TeamSite Search to search within a Data Capture Template (DCT)/ TeamSite template for a specified field e.g. Organisation ID The file you need to configure to allow this to happen is FieldMapping.xml, located in search-home/etc An example of the [...]

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TeamSite 6.7.1 Logout Error

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 I was involved in a recent project where each time the client logged out of TeamSite, they would get a log out error.  Initially we weren't sure why the error was appearing.  After thorough investigation of the TeamSite logs I came across some errors/warnings in the file servletd_out.log (located in [...]

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Configure TeamSite & Search on separate Servers

If you have TeamSite or Search installed on seperate servers, you are required to make configuration changes on both servers, so that they communicate with each other. On the TeamSite Server: Browse to iw-home/cssdk/cssdk.cfg. Edit the following entries (near the bottom of the file) according to your Search Server search.server.host: <Search Server Hostname> search.server.port: 6720 [...]

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TeamSite 6.7.1 HTTP 404 Error

Platform: Windows 2003 SP1 TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 A recent issue I experienced on TeamSite 6.7.1 was that I couldn't get access to the TeamSite 6.7.1 interface on the browser.  I would get a HTTP 404 error appearing on the screen Solution: - Find the file libeay32.dll under the c:program filescommon filesInterwovenlib directory. - Replace the [...]

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Enable Workarea Search

By default TeamSite Search is not configured to index branches workareas.  To enable Search to index branch workareas, you need to edit the following file; Search-home/etc/search.properties (Note: Search-home is TeamSite Search Install Location) Branches should be inputted as; ##################################### # Indexing workarea modifications # Control whether indexing of and searching across modifications in workareas # [...]

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Configure Branches for TeamSite Search

To index branches in TeamSite Search you need to edit the following file; Search-home/etc/branches.cfg (Note: Search-home is TeamSite Search Install Location) Branches should be inputted as; /default/main/branch1 /default/main/branch1/branch1a Points to consider; - If /default/main is not in use, it is not worth indexing - You must input each and every branch you want to index [...]

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iwebdeamon service failing to start

Platform: Linux TeamSite Version: 6.7.1 I was involved in a recent project where I was having webdeamon issues.  The service was not starting up, and in due course TeamSite interface could not be seen on the web.  The first thing I looked at was Apache.  However seem to be installed ok, and the service seem [...]

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