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SOASTA Performance Monitoring

We want to share with you one of our most popular Enterprise Integrations. It’s no secret that web performance is key to digital success. SOASTA say it perfectly when they say “milliseconds can add up to millions of dollars”.

They help you monitor precise load times, user behaviour and business results to help optimise customer experience and maximise conversion.

We know how important it is to see these results clearly but LFi goes a step further by allowing multi-nationals to analyse and compare insight’s from across all their national sites with one easy dashboard. This way you know which sites are performing best and which need assistance.

SOASTA Overview Graph

You can hover over countries to get a better look and change the time period you want to monitor making it easier to share SOASTA NPS insights with your team.

SOASTA Graph Timeframe

Alternatively, if you are more interested in focusing on one site in particular you can focus on that using the market tab and choose a time period which suits your monitoring needs. But it’s the next part which is really interesting.

SOASTA Graph Response

We wanted to see how these load times would affect their customers experience and if there was any correlation. We created a function which allows you to see all your SOASTA NPS scores in the same dashboard. This particular client has a very speedy load time across the board which you can see has helped maximise their positive UX and NPS.

SOASTA Graph Comparisons

Is there any correlation between your digital KPI’s and load speeds?
Do you want to start your own investigation comparing different data points?

Together with LFi you can become the Agatha Christie of Digital Success.

Spreadsheets and manual input are a thing of the past, LFi does this all for you. You can even export all these results at the click of a button.

Get in touch and let’s make something new!

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