///Why has my Score Changed?

Why has my Score Changed?

1. To investigate why your score has changed, log into LFi using the Username and Password provided by your Administrator and click on ‘Login’

Log In Here >

2. Once you are in your Account, click on the ‘LFi Report’ icon

LFi Report

3. Click on the site you wish to investigate and you will be able to see your detailed report

(HOT TIP – In this dashboard the arrows show whether the site has gone down or up in quality compared to the other sites)

Site Select

4. Go down to the second section of your report called ‘Dashboard’, click on the score you wish to investigate e.g. your LFi Score

Score Dashboard

5. You can now investigate your most recent scan results (red) to the last scan results (blue) to see where your score changed

Compare Scores

(HOT TIP – If you click on each of the named items LFi will take you to a list of the exact page URL’s where the problems are located)

LFi Issue Navigation

For additional help understanding why your score changed please email; support@littleforest.co.uk

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