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It’s an exciting time for LFi with lots of new Enterprise Integrations and Pardot for Email Digital Campaign Monitoring is one of our favourites!

With Pardot being the leading email marketing automation platform for our customers, we wanted to make sure they could track their email analytics alongside all their other digital KPI’s.

LFi allows multi-nationals to analyse and compare insight’s from Pardot across all their regional, national and business strands. This way you know which are getting the best results and how to improve on lower ranking areas.

Pardot Table

You can change date ranges, sort by ascending and descending results and also filter based on Drip Feed Programs to see if different strands who may not be as successful in general email have stronger Drip Programs.

Pardot Email Marketing Table

There are some really fun visualisations which allow you to see in seconds which area’s or the world are performing best and which need some help.

Pardot World Map for Email Marketing

You can can look deeper into these email marketing results through line graphs. Filtering based on countries and business strands. You can also turn off results on the bottom so you can focus on areas of interest and clearly present observations with your team.

Want more detail? You can hover over results to see what the exact details for those are. You can edit the scoring system and make it suit your needs.

Pardot Email Marketing Chart

Do you know how well your email campaigns are working across the globe?

Are your team producing high volume, low CTR or low volume, high CTR?

No need for spreadsheets, no need for manual input, LFi does this all for you. You can even export all these results at the click of a button.

Using a different automated email provider? No problem.

Get in touch to see what LFi can do for you!

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