Qualtrics – New Enterprise Integration

We are happy to announce that LFi is now successfully integrated with Qualtrics for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and our users are loving it!

With Qualtrics steadily becoming one of the most popular online survey collaboration platforms, we weren’t surprised when we were asked by our clients to introduce Qualtrics to their LFi reporting platform.

LFi now allows multi-nationals to analyse and compare insight’s from Qualtrics NPS across all their national sites. This way they know which countries are getting the the best feedback and how they can improve on the lower scoring sites.

The graph below shows total monthly average NPS score across all markets.

Qualtrics Monthly Graph

You can filter on Daily/Weekly/Monthly views and date ranges across all countries.

In the example data below we are summarising 25 markets each with around 6 different NPS surveys so 150 surveys in total.

The data has around 10 million individual NPS responses and growing rapidly so provides huge value to summarise for the Digital Management leadership.

Qualtrics Country Comparison Graph

You can use LFi to monitor data over time with easy to use graph visualisations.

This report below is comparing NPS across countries.

Qualtrics Graph Monitoring

You can also add targets on your graphs for immediate visibility.

Do you have a different NPS provider? Not a problem! LFi can integrate all NPS tools.

Are your customers enjoying your service more this year, compared to last?

Has your NPS score gone up or down?

No need for spreadsheets, no need for manual input, LFi does this all for you.

Get in touch to see what LFi can do for you!

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