Edupack Streamlined Campus Website Management

20 May 2022
by Billy Czajkowska

Little Forest Partner

Edupack streamlines Higher Ed web publishing with automated governance tools for WordPress.

What is Edupack?

Edupack is a WordPress plugin. Their plugin simplifies Higher Ed website management.

Their users manage complex website systems. Some of these users maintain self-service, “Domain of One’s Own,” systems. Others maintain a single website for lots of stakeholders. Whatever the complexity, their goal is to streamline the Higher Ed website publishing workflow, from content inception to its sunsetting.

It is also a community.

All core code is Open Source, published under the GNU General Public License. That means anyone can use their core tech for free. They’ve done this so that Higher Ed pros feel free to exchange ideas and code with them.

They hold monthly meetings with their users to discuss new features and they maintain a Slack channel to discuss anything on the mind of Higher Ed pros. They aim to be as transparent as possible to gain user trust as we develop their solutions (for more info, read their post on transparency).